Sunday, October 29, 2006

Multi-tasking Sunday

Where do I start?
The "ball of yarn" costume failed miserably last night, luckily I have an attic full of costumes so yarn girl became a cute little Japanese girl for the big Halloween party at the school last night. No worries, I'll have the "ball of yarn" re-worked by Tuesday. (fingers crossed)
I whipped up these 2 pillows in between loads of laundry:
Log Cabin Pillow Log Cabin Pillow
One is for my mother-in-law and the other is for my sister-in-law (her daughter) BOTH born on Halloween! That's a little freaky, eh?

While these two cuties carved our jack-o-lantern, I was able to do more laundry and start dinner.
In case there is any question regarding Julia's outfit...yup she picks out her weekend clothes.
Look how cute Jack came out!
While dinner was cooking I roasted these yummy pumpkin seeds. I could eat them until I get sick.
And then Julia and I made these super delicious chocolate dipped pretzels with lots of sprinkles to give to her friends at school.
chocolate dipped pretzels goodie bags
I should leave now- I hear my drier buzzing, Julia is ready to get out of the tub, the cat is started to beg for his dinner and I think I left my sewing machine on- I'll leave you with a cute picture from the party last night:
halloween cuties
my eldest is the cowgirl and I honestly do have a middle daughter but she's extremely camera shy!


qusic said...

Looks like a busy busy working day but I suppose you had some fun either, two pillow cases stitched ,wow! and the costumes and sweets. My youngest daughter 11 yo, our little witchy redhead, will have a Halloween pajama party with TG only three more girls . I wonder what our son,12yo will do when he realizes what an overload of giggling and tickling females is roaming the house.Our jack waits patiently to be carved and putting on electric lights to enlighten him is a really good idea. We´re not so experienced with Halloween in Germany but the kids love it and will drop a lot of superficial blood on Daddys
old t-shirts to look cool.
Since Nov 1 is a holiday we will not suffer too much from lack of sleep but we´ll see.......
Wish you a nice week and a Happy Halloween.

loves2experiment said...

M' constantly amaze me!!! The pillows are wonderful, and I'm sure your MIL and SIL will love them :)

wip said...

why thank you qusic and loves2.
qusic, I hope your son survives!