Sunday, October 22, 2006

one down.... two to go

What do you get when you mix a giant bouncy ball, plaster cloth, newspaper, glue, cheap acrylic yarn, and gobs of hot glue?
mystery costume finished
A giant ball of yarn for a Halloween costume, of course! I hope people will know what she is, but just in case i have a few more tricks up my sleeve involving those huge neon knitting needles.

It was another big day for Julia.
another lost tooth!
She lost another tooth last night! Apparently the ToothFairy has strict guidelines she must adhere to because she will not leave tooth money under the pillow if the child is not in her own bed. Julia slept in her sister's bed last night but left her tooth under her own empty pillow. At first she thought that the ToothFairy forgot but then I erm..... remembered that empty bed rule, thankfully.

Once a week I like to get some therapy from the remnant bin at JoAnn Fabrics. Hey, it's way cheaper than real therapy and it makes me so happy. Here are yesterday's finds:
remnant bin therapy
It was slim pickings because all remnants were 75% off, but I did alright for only a few dollars! I hate that Batman fabric but you never know when I'll need it for a little boy gift.


loves2experiment said...

That's a fabulous costume! It would be cool if you could knit a swatch with the needles and attach one end of the yarn to the main costume body!!!

wip said...

Crafty minds think alike! I was going to have her knitting a swatch, hat or scarf from her own yarn and then I thought that a trick-or-treat bag would be fun. I may use the needles as handles because she will have trouble holding too many things.

FreckleSandwich said...

wow ;ady will you ever stop shocking and amazing me??