Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And first place goes to.....

And first place goes to.....
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Giant ball of yarn costume!
Our community hosts a Halloween Parade every year. Kids line up by grade at the sea wall and march a few blocks behind a truck blaring Halloween music, they stop at the judging panel and show off their fabulous costumes and find out if they win a prize. From there they move on to hot chocolate, cider and donuts and dance in the streets. FUN!!!
My camera shy middle daughter won 3rd prize for her group! She was an old Noni (Italian grandma) complete with rosary beads and a cane. That's her, 2nd one from the left.
She really played the part, complaining about her brittle bones and scolding children, she is quite a character!
It was a great night but do you know what the little one asked as we walked home with tired and sore feet....... Mommy, what am I going to be next year?

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loves2experiment said...

Whoop!! Congrats to you and the girls :D Great costumes!