Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I purchased this cute little number for the 11 year old daughter. It was exactly the one she wanted and she was thrilled.....for 2 minutes.
daughter (with tears in her eyes)- "I am NOT wearing this" as she throws it at me.
me (shocked)- "Why? What happened?"
daughter- "it's made from fox fur!"
me- "no, no, it's not, I would NEVER buy real fur"
daughter (pointing to tag)- "it says so right here..... F A U X, and that means female fox!"
me (trying real hard not to laugh)- "Erm, Gabby that says faux which means fake"
daughter (sheepishly taking coat back)- "Fine! But I'm asking Olivia Yoo tomorrow if it's true, she'll know"
me- rolling on the floor unable to breath
So, how's everyone else's week going?


loves2experiment said...

OMG, that's a classic! I love reading your blog, CC :)

wip said...

I'm glad to give you a little laugh PP! Hey- I just realized we both have same double letter initials, cool!

FreckleSandwich said...

lol thats great!!!!