Friday, December 01, 2006

It's a fine line

"It's a fine line between kitschy and tacky. Clearly, this pincushion lives right on that line." That's what I wrote to my sister when I sent her this a few days ago.
I found this fabric at my JoAnn's a few years back. I saw it and it screamed that I should have it. It has been sitting in my stash torturing me ever since. Oh sure, I was able to give an Ohio piece to "P" and a San Diego piece to "L" but I haven't made anything with it until now. You asked for a pincushion Deb, and here you have it!
And what a happy accident that I had these matching pins!
I whipped up the tissue holder and key fob for my neice who likes John Deere tractors.... hey you can take the girl out of the farm land but you can't take the farm land out of the girl.... erm, whatever, you know what I mean.
Damn Florida! I miss you guys!


loves2experiment said...

I'm glad you finally figured out what to do with that fabric! It's perfect :) I'm sure your sis will be delighted with her new pincushion!

FreckleSandwich said...

you dont ever stop!!!!!!!! very cute! now i have ideas for mine!