Monday, January 01, 2007

Rabbit Rabbit!

Happy New Year!

I hope you remembered to say rabbit for good luck this morning. I'm not big on resolutions, why set myself up to fail? I do keep one resolution every year. I make sure that other people's kindness gets noticed. Be it a store clerk, medical staff or someone's child..... if they go out of their way to be nice, I make sure I tell their boss, teacher or mom. It's nice to hear good news from a stranger I think. Don't get me wrong......I bitch about people that go out of their way to make me miserable too! There's got to be balance, people!
Well, I'm feeling better now; not great but I can function. On top of being sick, I have been in a terrible sleep pattern lately, I am waking up anywhere between 3:30-4:30 am ............ FOR THE DAY!! Enough of that.
I have been spending a little time with my sewing machine. I had planned on finishing my delusional housewife quilt but haven't felt good enough to go out and buy batting.
I went through my to-do basket on my sewing table last night. I leave you with these embroidered towels that were sitting there for a year waiting to be hemmed. (slacker)

miss attitude

finished towels

Oh yes, Julia would like to show her project for 2nd grade:

Gingerbread Village House

The class does a big Gingerbread Man event including a play and a village of houses made from juice cartons. Pretty cute and I love this old copy of the book!


Kimberly Sherrod said...

Glad you're feeling better! Nothing worse than feeling sick! I love your embroideries! They're beautiful!! I have all my UFO's in a pile, going to finish them no matter what!! It's just raining and raining here! Wish it was snow!!! I lived in Beverly, Mass in 93, the year of the Blizzard!! 100 inches of snow! I had to move back to Fl after that!! Happy , Healthy & Productive New Year to you and yours! Love that little gingerbread house:) k

Stitch said...

I love this stuff. Great job! xxx