Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day of rest??

Yeah, right!
I have these illusions of what Sunday should be like; go to church, have a big family dinner and just hang around the house doing whatever it is you feel like doing. Instead it usually includes David working in the morning, frantically making it to mass, basketball games, softball clinics and "Mom, I really need to get ______ for school tomorrow!" (today it was a copy of The Outsiders for the 8th grader), and shoving some food at the children and hoping they eat some of it.
Yesterday I started chain piecing the newest quilt. I still need to name it......... this is usually very easy.
chain piecing
And I even got a few squares sewn together
I got a few ideas from flickr friends regarding this future WIP
future WIP.... I need help
I think I may go with a crazy log cabin. thanks!
This will be for the second grade teacher as a thank you for educating my 3 girls, she's really a special teacher.
Now, I am going to curl up with a glass of wine and some embroidery.......until the dryer buzzes.


Kristin said...

I do not know about chain piecing! I will have to look that up. It looks like a basting stitch to keep thing in order?

kevin said...

i dont know about chain piecing either! interesting! :)

i was also wondering where you found your fabrics for your second wip (the ones you said you want to make into a crazy log-cabin quilt)... they're GORGEOUS!

Carol said...

Hmmmm, maybe I'm using the wrong term. What I consider "chain piecing" is just stitching the paired fabrics together one after another (leaving 1/2 inch in between) without cutting the thread. This helps you speed up your machine sewing and save lots of thread in the process.
I'm pretty sure I bought my "American Jane Building Blocks" fabric by Moda at either:
I noticed today that has the collection on sale for $6.76/yd. today!

Rebekah said...

I found your site through a flickr search of "sushi embroidery"

I love all of the quilts that you have made and the colorful fabrics that you use. I was so excited to see all of your quilts with embroidery as I'm looking to make a "japanese" quilt with japanese fabric and embroidered sushi squares.

What type of batting do you use for your quilts? It looks a bit thicker than the low loft cotton that I've been using.


Carol said...

Thanks Rebekah! My embroidery quilts are my favorite too.
The thicker ones are a double layer of a low-loft cotton batting. I couldn't find the one I usually buy, it's called something like "old fashion needle punch cotton batting", and the one I did buy was way too thin. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely Sunday you had.
Any day sewing is great for me and you have managed to start a quilt, even better. I love all the colours and the log cabin for the teacher is great. Can't wait to see the finished products.