Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm still here....

I haven't made a single thing in weeks.
I feel a little cranky when I am not able to make things. There just hasn't been any time.
But how can you stay cranky when you get to work and find this?

welcome to work

The boss is a fun guy. He gets in early and does something nice just about everyday. He puts on coffee, or stops for bagels, puts Andrea Bocelli on really LOUD, sometimes puts candy on the our desks, etc. It's a surprise every time. Yesterday was the welcome sign in the snow with a twisted little path going through the courtyard that everyone actually followed. Quite amazing for such unique and creative people!

I think I may be able to spend a few hours with my sewing machine this weekend.... keep your fingers crossed.
Have a nice day!


Erin & Stewart said...

Great picture! Sounds like you work at a fun place : )

I know what you mean about getting cranky when you can't make things. I've been feeling a bit of that myself this week. Good luck!

qusic said...

cross my fingers for your sewing time, what project do you have in mind, your crazy logs or something completely different?
I traded fabrics with my friend Ursel today, so now I have new fabrics and new ideas, tablerunners and bags for SPRING!