Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Longest (half) Yard

This is the half yard of fabric that just won't die! I may buy a lot of fabric but I really am frugal with it. NOTHING goes to waste.... NOTHING, I say. So far out of my half yard of Michael Miller's Let's Play Party fabric, I have made 1 kids quilt, 1 tote, 1 crayon roll, 1 bib here:
let's party bib
1 kids quilt top here:
let's party dots wip
and I have a bit left for either another tote or crayon roll.... you haven't seen the last of it yet. That's just the way I roll, people!
My sewing days are going to be slowing down a bit. I have some extra work assignments that I need to do at night from home (I can really use the extra money..... to buy more fabric) and the girls softball season is in full swing as of yesterday.
softball 006
I claim responsibility for #12 and #9 in the picture above and also for the Assistant Mr. Coach who isn't pictured. Go girls!!!

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catiepillars said...

wow! i need to stop cutting out of the middle of my fabric. who knew you could do all that.its just amazing all you manage to get done. i think maybe you should teach a time management class. softball is my favorite sport to watch. GO GIRLS!!