Monday, July 23, 2007

Making a living

Remember William Hung from American Idol auditions a few seasons back? My big daughter, Sammy, got to meet him at a baseball game the other night.
sammy meets william hung
He is such a cute little guy, I can't believe he is still singing "She Bangs" (he also does "Take me out to the ball game") and actually making a living doing it. Good for you William Hung!
While we are on the subject of making a living, my flickr friends may have noticed me crafting like a maniac lately. Well, I am trying to make more of a living......
"let's party" patchwork quilt-  finally done! Pretty Purple Lunchbox 005 Martha stewart dishtowel tote Strawberry Dot Lunch Bag 006 Fabric notepad organizer- open view 2 Meat Market Tote 005
........ trying desperately to not have to get a second job at night. Private high school is a struggle with one going in this year but in 2 years Gabby will be going too and that is going to kick our asses. Public school is not an option for us, this is what we are chosing and somehow we will get through it.
Selling at Etsy is not going to do it for me, I know this, but it's a start while I get some stock made. I know that people around here would buy this stuff like crazy but they just need to know about it. Hmmmmmmm, I need to figure this out especially because I am not very good at selling myself (that damn self esteem thing).
I'm sorry if you were looking for happy Carol today, instead you got hand-wringing-worried Carol........ she's no fun at all!
Check back tomorrow.
PS- Heads up........I may be changing my blog layout


Deb said...

Carol, I am enjoying your blog immensely. Your handmade items are all wonderful!! and I'm sure you'll have much success!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

I'm loving all the new things you are creating! I'm totally sympathetic with you about the money problems--and the self-esteem too. :-(

You make gorgeous things, and if you put it out there, you will do well. Do you have any craft fairs or farmer's markets where you live? How about any little gift shops? I used to consign my stuff at a local gift shop (in fact, the owner and I hit it off so well that I ended up working there part time too! lol) and did pretty good. Etsy is kinda slow right now, but it will probably start picking up in September, and it was really pretty busy after that last year--had pretty good months Oct., Nov. & Dec. So just do your promoting and hopefully things will be busy enough for you so you won't have to take that second job!
Good luck and prayers going up!
Smiles, Karen

Amy said...

I am loving your dish towel totes, so great!..poo to second jobs, good luck with everything :)

Carol said...

aww thanks for the support girls, it really helps! Karen, I need to get my nerve up and try some of those things you mentioned.

floresita said...

You've been stitching like crazy, Carol! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you as a Rockin Blogger!


Deirdre said...

Hi! I've been enjoying reading your blog.

I've found that doing tupperware-like parties, where you bring your stock to someone's house and she invites all of her friends, works really well, especially if there are a couple of other vendors there like Tastfully Simple and Creative Memories.

It's a lot of fun and you get sales!

sappmama said...

Hang in there, this is the start of a wonderful venture, I can tell.

Although they are worth their weight in gold, why do kids cost so much?

Thank you for listing my blog among your reads. That's so sweet of you! :)

By the way, your stuff is so pretty. You're an inspiration to me.