Monday, August 27, 2007

L is for

Look who started High School today
That's the oldest, Sam (Sammy, Samantha) and I was Lucky to get any pictures this morning as you can see.

I Love school uniforms.
I Love Lemons and Limes a Lot!
I Love Lucy.
I Love my OBGYN, believe it or not, I just saw him today. I do not ,however, Love the exam. nor did I particularly appreciate the surprise rectal exam, HELLO!


Old School Acres said...

I see you daughter takes after you! LOL

The rest of it? Lalalalalalala...I can't hear you.

Carol said...

I forgot L for Laurie!!!!! I'll have to make an O for Old School Acres.
Um, what exactly do you mean she takes after me?

floresita said...

Whoa - you're scaring me Carol! I have to go in for one of those... thingamabob... exam things... soon :( Surprise rectal exam nooooooooo!!!!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

L is for LOL! Your daughter is so cute. I wish our kids had uniforms--that would save me from so many headaches, lol. Oooh to the "surprise" exam-- now THAT is not nice!
Hey! I added your little cherries card to my treasury--you should go check it out!
Smiles, Karen

Anonymous said...

Oh my, uniforms... I always secretly wished that we had those when I was in highschool!!