Saturday, October 13, 2007

I am still here, just insanely busy with life...I won't bore you...much.
How do you people do it?
Please tell me!
How do you work, have kids and get them places, cook, get and keep the house clean, deal with mountains of laundry, etc. and somehow stay sane? Someone? Anyone? Words of wisdom? Magic potion? or illegal at this point. I think I know where "Wits End" is because I may have reached it!
OK, let's look at a pretty picture while I melt down:
Gabby's Math Project
This is part of Gabby's math project that we worked on last night and then managed to eat dinner around the pile of components. Don't ask what shrinky dink flower pots have to do with algebra, I don't have the energy to explain, they're pretty cute though, huh?

*Thanks for all of the Mom sympathy on the last post. I feel guilty even typing stuff like that but this is my outlet. I think her negativity and my lack of tolerance for it comes from us being so close all of the time (we live upstairs from them) and she doesn't feel the need to put on the happy Mom face for me.

PS- Good news, my biopsy results came back A-OK!


debbie said...

Drugs or alcohol

Little Stitcher said...

ahhh bless xxxx

loves2experiment said...

I'm glad you're alright Carol *hugs*

Junie Moon said...

Hooray about your biopsy! That is wonderful news.

My husband and I have 5 kids--now grown--and 8 grandchildren. I don't have little ones at home like you do which presents a whole littany of time issues with which to deal. However, when they were little, I was a "take it one hour at a time" kind of person and sometimes I have to do that still today.

Just do whatever you feel are the priorities and everything else will sort itself out. One thing I learned to do was ask myself, "Will this really matter 5 years from now?" If the answer was no, I let it go as it was really not important in the first place.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Ok--who says we keep our sanity? I know I don't! lol I just try and enjoy the insanity. I do love that the kids are in their teens now, they are so much easier (though they do need to go much more places!). You need to just remember that you are only one person and you are doing the best you can--that's all you can do. AND Other people can help you with stuff, LET them.
Smiles, Karen