Thursday, January 03, 2008

Things are great in 2008!

1. The AH Merchantile Company is reimbursing me my money thanks to PayPal. I am happy but I am still completely annoyed that they lied and didn't apologize. I would have much rather gotten my merchandise!

2. My brand new Singer Futura needs to go back to the manufacturer for repairs but the nice people at JoAnn's gave me a decent loaner.

3. My very nice coworker had to go to Japan the day after Christmas for her Father-in-law's funeral, he died after a long illness and yet she still took time to think of me.
lucky me! 001
She brings these awesome craft books back for me everytime she goes to Japan but I never in a million years expected that she would this time. Thanks a bunch Janet!


Junie Moon said...

I'm so glad you were reimbursed but it's a shame you had to have that whole experience.

I didn't realize you could get a loaner machine at Jo-Ann's when yours is on the fritz. That's interesting.

What thoughtful gifts to bring back to you during a bad time in their lives.

Marietta said...

shame that you did not get what you ordered - but you did get your money back

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for the nice season's greeting you left on my blog--yes, I am finally getting around to reading and answering (shame on me!)!

Sounds like you had a bit of hassle--but everythings working out in the end, huh? How sweet of your friend to remember you (with those awesome books!) during her sadness. What a sweety.

Have a great day!
Smiles, Karen