Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Recap

Thanks for all of the nice comments about Winston. This week will be much easier at work, I think. I don't really cope with loss all that well.
Easter 08 010
We had a nice Easter here although it was much smaller group than our usual holiday dinners. I gave my mom the day off from cooking and she was actually happy and relaxed as opposed to her less than happy and relaxed self of late.
Easter 08 005
Honestly, I was so stressed out last week, the last thing I wanted to do was plan a menu, shop and cook all weekend but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I really hate to come here and complain about how busy and stressed I am but I really thought I was going to snap.
Easter 08 008
My etsy shop is bare, I have a big order I am finishing, I had a work party to plan, another party to attend, kids birthday parties, Holy week at church, Easter dinner, plus all of the normal daily stuff. I really thought I was going to lose it. Thankfully I had this little girl around:
my best helper
Not only does she like to help...she's really good at a lot of things. She made this eggplant rollatini from start to finish (I made the sauce and fried the eggplant) with a 2 minute lesson and minimal supervision. It was delish and she is still so proud of herself. My camera shy 12 year old made a pie all by herself and the teenager...well she didn't ask for any rides this weekend. David (aka my Bumble) was also an enormous help by letting me boss him atound more than I usually do.
where's Leo?
This boy loves to hide and get into places! We were looking for him and found him in "the wine cellar" (it's actually a cold closet in the basement). How funny is he?


Junie Moon said...

I don't deal well with loss either so my heart goes out to you.

What beautiful Easter preparations. Everything looks fabuloous. I absolutely love tablesettings and yours is gorgeous. It's wonderful when everyone pitches in to help and your daughter's offering is so sweet.

Your cat looks so sweet and a little astounded that you discovered his hiding place.

debbie said...

Julia is a really great kid! Don't tell anyone, but I think she is my favorite...You tell that cat to stay away from the good stuff!

qusic said...

I am with you, you can't imagine how much, sometimes I want to be a huge turtle and just hide in my carapace, would be fun with bus bar and sewing machine inside:)
Our Nico cat loves to hide in the basement too but not for long,and you hear him complaining.