Friday, March 14, 2008

The nerve!

If you live in my house or are ever in earshot of me, you have heard me say at least a bajillion times "You are on my last nerve!". My husband fears the day that last nerve snaps. I don't know where I picked this up but it has kind of stuck. My sweet littlest daughter has even gone to her grandma and said "we are on mommy's last nerve again". Anyway, there may be some truth to this... while I was at my neurologist 2 weeks ago he noticed some weakness in my hands which I quickly brushed off as "oh it's just my carpal tunnel". He pinged my elbow and declared that there is some nerve damage and the fact that I can't type with my ring and pinky fingers should have tipped me off, apparently. So, I have to go for a nerve test today, which totally cracks me up. I may even ask him exactly how many nerves I have left.
I have been busy trying to fill my empty little etsy shop. I really wish I had some time to get a good chunk of stock made. Most of what I am doing is custom requests (which is great) but I feel as if I am losing it on the other end.
red poppy lunchbag-crafting 365- day 34 big yellow gingham lunch bag-crafting 365- day 33 spring blooms oilcloth lunch bag- crafting 365- day 32
I am also working on a consignment order of lunch bags (which I am excited about)that I am chipping away at each bag a night.
chipping away

My fabulous sister is here visiting for the week and that makes me so happy. We will all have dinner together tonight and perhaps a glass of wine or two...
I already informed the 2 big daughters that mommy and daddy will NOT be driving them to the movies/bowling/friend's house, etc.

Have a great weekend friends!


Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you're loosing your nerve(s) [sorry couldn't resist the pun] I hope it's nothing serious or permanent.

Yay for your etsy shop!

Have fun with your sister!

beki said...

Darling, YOU are a machine :) Take care of yourself...

Stitchado said...

hehe... i couldn't stop myself from giggling. i hope everything went well with your nerve check up.

enjoy your time with your sister :)


Mrs.Kwitty said...

I use that last nerve line around here once in a while too, lol! On a serious note, a little scary for you, huh? I'll keep you in my prayers :o)

I know what you mean about the custom orders--they are nice to have, but they take up your time and then you are unable to make things for your Etsy shop--and it's not hard to fall off the map over there! Pressure!

Take care!
Smiles, Karen

Mymsie said...

These are adorable! I especially love the red poppy one.

Kelly, Modern June said...

oh they are so beautiful! I am in love with the pink! OH, yummy!

I was near to that level of nerve issues and what is most likely CPS too. Instead of seeing a specialist I mentioned it to my chiropractor and she has done wonders for me!

she adjusts my shoulder, hand, wrist and elbows every two week and I am A O K. I had no idea she could do such good.

I really think she has saved me from surgery!

good luck!

and yes that was a lot of holiness all in one day!