Sunday, April 06, 2008

getting by, and you?

It's been a tough couple of weeks around here. My husband was sick for over a week with a cough that shakes the windows, makes his ribs feel broken and rattles my last nerve. He wasn't sleeping...I wasn't sleeping, he was sick and cranky...I was cranky. He's back to work but still not feeling 100% so I have been doing my normal thing plus what he couldn't. I always appreciate him but I have a deeper appreciation after my gas light in my car has gone on 3 seperate times (he puts gas in my car), I've been to the grocery store 4 times a week for work and home (he picks up groceries), emptying the litter box (ugh), doing all the driving of all the children all the time, etc., etc.
All this with raging PMS! How am I doing? getting by, and you?
fit for a princess
It can always be worse though. I made this super soft fairy princess blanket for my coworker's 3 year old daughter. Hope was born with a heart deformity and needless to say, has had lots of medical issues throughout her little life. She goes for a major heart surgery on Wednesday. I always struggle with "what to do" in these situations so I usually turn to my sewing machine. Hope loves to dress up like a princess every day, I think she may actually be a princess. Please keep little Hope in your thoughts and prayers this week.


Kristin said...

HANG IN THERE! We have all been trading around that same cough/flu bug for the past several weeks and it has finally hit me like a two-ton brick. Ouch! I hope things get back to normal for you soon!

I will also be thinking of sweet Hope as she goes in for her surgery. My brother was born with a serious heart disease, so that is an issue that is close to my soul. I will be praying. I know she will just love her princess goodies too. You are such a kind and generous person.

I have some big news over at my blog as well, so if you have a moment, pop on over and take a peek. HUGS!


Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

i love that blanket idea- how thoughtful of you!

Junie Moon said...

I hope your husband regains his strength again soon. Having just experienced that whole sick, coughing until your ribs crack misadventure, I truly understand how he feels.

Bless your heart for making this adorable gift for Hope. It's beautiful. I will definitely keep Hope in my thoughts and prayers.

LauraJ said...

Hope is in my thoughts and prayers this week. My little one is going under Wednesday as well for a teeth cleaning. Anesthesia for any procedure is always worrisome for any mama.
As a mom of a child with special needs I can say that beautiful blanket you made will come in handy for snuggles and loving.

qusic said...

sounds familiar, cough germs are flying all around with all the pursuing crankyness, the PMS antidote for me is chocolate and a cup of camomilla tea ,important too: toasty toes/warm socks.I will keep Hope in my prayers, your gift will soothe her and her parents a lot. Carol, you are so generous!Take care CH.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh there is some terrible crap going around this winter! Hope your hubby is all better now and you can get back to normal.

Poor Hope--I said a prayer for her and her family. Such a scary thing for a little one to go through. Her pretty new blanket should cheer her up a bit and make her feel the love!

Smiles, Karen