Sunday, April 13, 2008

I forgot...

what it felt like to sew cotton! I've been cranking out oilcloth stuff for so long, I needed a little break from it.
Over at there is a monthly project. April's was to use Recycled/repurposed/vintage fabrics.
vintage spring apron 003

vintage spring apron 004

I had the vintage table runner with pink crochet trim (maybe from my sister's MIL?) and I have been looking at it forever, knowing that it wanted to be something else. I just couldn't take scissors to it (I'm funny like that) and then it hit me... turn it sideways, gather it and it will be an apron!!! I added an embroidered hanky from my sister and Calamity Kim's shopping exursion in Sarasota last year. The waistband is new fabric.
It felt so good to run cotton through my sewing machine.
My little friend Hope is doing amazingly well. She had her surgery on Thursday and is recovering at a much better rate than anticipated. They are hoping to be back home in a few weeks. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I really believe they work.


calamitykim said...

WOW!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! I absolutely love it! It turned out wonderful! really sweet and nice. I am happy you found a way to keep the crochet- it looks so sweet! I have been thinking about the challenge- not sure if I can take it- too many needles threaded at the moment! I hope you have a happy weekend...k

Junie Moon said...

I'm so happy that little Hope's surgery went well and she'll be home with her family soon.

Your apron came out great; it's really cute. I love the way you used the vintage pieces. My own apron for that project wasn't quite true to the vintage mandate in terms of fabrics as I didn't have any. Maybe I'll score some in the future and use it in a similar way as you did with your project. I love it!

debbie said...

Wow, that is really perfect, exceptional use of the vintage booty. I am so happy Hope is doing well!!!

qusic said...

all went well, great news!
you're not only oilcloth expert but apronista too. Carol, you're so talented, love how re-used the tablerunner for a freaking lovely girlie apron!