Monday, June 02, 2008

you still there?

I think this time of the year is more hectic than Christmastime.
Lots of softball, lots of school activiities like today's pinning ceremony:
Gabby and her 7th grade class received their 8th grade pins today. It's such a nice thing. Each 8th grade student "pins" a 7th grade student.
the new 8th grade 0021
the new 8th grade 009

Sorry, no cool crafty pictures, I've been churning out oilcloth bags per usual.
I'll be back soon, I promise!


debbie said...

Save that picture for the wedding, it will be so cute!

Junie Moon said...

I'm still here although my computer time has been much diminished lately. June and July are super busy months for us and I'm working like a mad woman to get everything done and all plans put into place for our varied and sundry adventures.