Sunday, January 20, 2013

orange cat problems

This is Leo.
aka Leroy, Leroy-my-boy, wootie (as in cutie wootie). Leo is 20+ pounds of adorable and rules the house. The only thing Leo doesn't control is the constant flow of furry visitors to our kitchen door.
Meet Little Red

He lives, and I use that term loosely, in the broken down house next door. He comes to the door every day for some food and a kind word. Leo hates Little Red.
This is Missy-

Missy is Little Red's mother. She visits everyday for food and to torture Leo. She doesn't care if I talk to her or not. In fact, she prefers it if I just put the food down and walk away. Leo really hates Missy.
This is Jake.

Jake the squirrel taps on the window everyday looking for peanuts.He has a few friends that kind of hang back because they are shy. Fine by me, I don't need 3 squirrels knocking on the door. Jake and his friends also live in the broken down house next door. They literally live in the house, in the attic which thanks to me is probably covered in peanut shells. Sorry. Leo really likes Jake for some reason,
probably because Leo doesn't care much for peanuts.

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