Sunday, January 13, 2013

Well, well, well

Look what I found here, my old blog! I sat and read for hours last night, I cracked up, I got teary, and I said "aww" more times than I can count.
What's that...why did I stop writing, you ask? Stress, too busy, depressed, internet trolls piss me off, my camera and computer broke and it was pre-smart phone time in my life, Facebook was easier. These are the first things that come to mind.
What have I been up to? Thanks for asking. I tried to make a living doing what I love and realized that it isn't going to happen. It's ok, I will tell you about it later. My kids are so big now ; college sophomore, high school senior, and 8th grader! I am unemployed, broke and need a plan so that my bumble (aka: my tall husband David) can go back to working 1 job.
Come again? Oh, why am I back? I think it is Pinterest's fault. I keep clicking on all of those crafty blogs and it stirs up old bloggy feelings. After reading my old posts, I realized that I was much happier when I was therapy! I am still crafty everyday and have stories to share. I have no idea who will ever see this blog now but that was never why I started it. There really is no one in my life that gets the creative me, no one to share thoughts and ideas with. I miss my old crafty, online friends! I especially miss Karen (mrs kwitty) who lost her battle to cancer last year, how I wished I knew her in person. I know that her heaven has endless beautiful craft supplies and it never gets messy.
That's all for today!

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Welcome back!