Monday, March 23, 2015

Death by baking

If spring doesn't arrive soon, my family may die from homemade baked goods! By the looks of it, Spring is taking its time. 
When it's cold out, I cook and I bake and then I bake something else. I typically work 7 days a week for weeks at a time but I had the ENTIRE WEEKEND OFF. It was glorious and dangerous at the same time. Yesterday I baked these unbelievably good oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 
This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't try to kill my family with these potatoes for dinner. 
They were delicious. I tried to make them less deadly by using smaller potatoes, using less cheese and bacon 
Oh and burning the parsley by forgetting that they were under the broiler. 
Oh, and the day before I made this apple pie that was declared as "the best pie ever" by three family members. 

Crumb topped Apple pie with homemade crust, two types of Apple and a brown sugar and oat crumb topping. 

It really was quite good. 

Here's a double tip for bakers, although maybe everyone does this already, I don't know. 

I store my flour in a lock-tight plastic bin and dedicate an entire set of measuring cups to this bin. I never have to search for or dirty a separate cup for flour. Also, because I have a ridiculously small counter area, I open my silverware drawer and place my flour bin on it while I'm working. I do this with Baking sheets as well when I need a little extra space. 

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