Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Best Oatmeal Cookies

The first thing that qualifies these cookies as the best is that there is not one nasty raisin in them. The second thing that qualifies them as the best is chocolate. Raisin lovers, you can leave now. Sorry. 
I'm too tired to type the recipe so here it is:
I use a regular size ice cream scoop. They are big cookies. 
Sometimes I flatten them a bit, this time I did not. 
Bake two pans at a time and rotate after 6 minutes. 
They won't look at all done on top but carefully peek underneath with a spatula...or a cheese slicer. My kids grew up thinking this was really a spatula, I just like it for lifting cookies! Anyway, you'll see that the bottom is golden. I let them cool right on the pan because they will be too soft to move. They are so good. 

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