Tuesday, October 17, 2006

lost tooth

lost tooth
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We lost a top tooth this week! This is big news, especially if you are in 2nd grade and you get your name on the tooth chart! Naturally, the toothfairy came and left money in this handmade pillow

crafty side of losing teeth

I aquired the super-cute tooth fabric a while ago in a swap, I'm thinking it may need to become a toiletry bag some day......we'll see.

Here is another recent fabric find

feedsack finds

Some feedsack print squares that I found for next to nothing on Ebay. No plans for them, just had to buy them.

There is no school today (some teacher workshop) and I plan to use this bonus day off from work to clean this pigsty, erm... I mean house.


loves2experiment said...

Hey, I recognize that fabric!! BTW, what's the going rate for baby teeth these days?!?

wip said...

Well, the going rate around here is $2.00 a tooth. I'm not sure if that's a standard... I hope so!