Thursday, November 09, 2006


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This photo has nothing to do with today's entry.
Cool phone though, huh? I had a gift card from Pottery Barn and there isn't a whole lot you can buy for $100 and I fell in love with it. I love how it looks against my newly painted kitchen wall....very retro... I feel like I should give Ethel Mertz a call.
I am frantically trying to finish the second horse quilt for Saturday. It's a difficult task while trying to keep up with my family's busy schedule. We are in full swing; dance, art club, basketball, singing, drama, Tech Ed, Italian club, birthday parties, walkathons.
My anxiety level peaks in late fall and late spring and I find it hard to cope.
OK it's 5 minutes till pasta........I promise to post some new entries over the weekend....... possibly with something interesting.


calamity kim said...

Hi! I'm Calamity Kim and I wanted to let you know I appreciate your kind remarks on some of my pics over at Flickr. I have just recently started my own blog and would love for you to read it and maybe tell me what you think- I don't get many commets and I just put a counter thing on it yesterday. I love your quilts and embroidery, btw. My address is:

Laurie said...

That really is a great phone!

wip said...

Hi there! Thanks for dropping in!