Friday, November 10, 2006


No more talk about the horse quilts.
I have spent so much time with them that I'm not even sure if I like them anymore. All of a sudden the colors don't match, my stitching is crap, but........ the first quilt met her new owner on Wednesday night and it is loved. That's what matters. I'm sure the "L" quilt will be well received tomorrow.
I am suddenly free of the giant yarn ball costume and the horses and I can't wait to jump into something new and quick. There is a Christmas Fair that I would love to do but I don't have much of anything done to fill a table and I don't forsee any free time to do anything so I guess I will make some Christmas gifts instead. There's a John Deere quilt for my little nephew Jacob, he has a John Deere t-shirt that he loves and used to call it his Deere John shirt. I know, too cute! There are loads of teacher gifts to make too, I'll need to think. I'm going to take tonight off from sewing and go out to dinner with my husband, my mouth is watering for a dish of Calamari Soleo from a favorite nearby Italian restaurant.
I leave you with the results of school picture day. The morning was a flurry of hair and a rare glimpse of the three in the same room, getting along and helping each other.
102006 001 (2)
My girls!
111006 003

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