Thursday, December 21, 2006

fa la la la la......

....... la la la
OK, I'm on track for Christmas now. That quilt was killing me! I baked some cupcakes for a class party:
122106 001
122106 004
cute, eh?
I put together a few gift buckets for the popular 13 year old to give to her friends:
122106 005 122106 006
These were cheap and fun; a cute bucket from Target's dollar spot, garland, a jumbo candy bar, a pack of microwave popcorn and a movie rental from Blockbuster- all for around $7.00.

Today is very exciting! I love my job!! I have been sitting on this office secret for weeks now and it was making me crazy. Being the office manager, I had to be in on the secret but I couldn't tell. Today is our office party...with a twist. We (24 of us) are meeting at a diner at 8:30 where we will have breakfast and everyone will be confused and more than a little pissed off thinking that this is the party. The boss will then hand out a very generous gift card to a big mall about 30 miles away. We will have until 1:30 to spend all of it before we meet for lunch at a mall restaurant. The boss will be randomly handing out money if he spots you in the mall and at lunch there will be prizes for the single largest purchase, the most receipts, etc. etc. and then we get to go home. No work today!
I love my job!


loves2experiment said...

OMG, what a totally cool idea! Have fun shopping :D

Maluhia said...

Neat idea! Did you come up with it or did your boss? I wish my boss would do something like that! Have fun shopping!

Sally said...

No way! But first - I love the cupcakes and buckets.
But back to the work party - I've never heard of such a party! How very cool, and what a nice boss you have.

Carol said...

I do have a great boss, I'd like him anyway because his wife is my best friend! Seriously, he is extremely generous all year long and fun is required at work.