Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Don't get too excited.

Carolyn's quilt is done. I'm afraid that there was too much hype about it and you may be disappointed. Oh, it's a nice quilt but not my best quilt.
Carolyn's quilt
Carolyn is my eldest niece and she is graduating from nursing school tomorrow (I had time to spare!). My sister suggested that we make her a quilt as a gift- we means that she funded the effort I constructed it.
Carolyn's quilt
At first I wanted to make a novelty type quilt but I couldn't find any fabric that I loved. Then I saw this quilt and loved it (you'll need to scroll down), but I thought that I should move past simple patchwork squares. What the hell was I thinking? I could have been done with this 2 weeks ago if I only stopped thinking.
Carolyn's quilt
I remembered how much I loved this pattern and thought it would look nice in the other colors. I had to adjust the size because Carolyn doesn't need a crip size quilt...... that meant that there would be math..... I hate math but I worked it out. I took 2 days off from work this week to get my house cleaned and take care of last minute shopping and baking, um that didn't happen.
So here it is, a nice enough quilt made with lots of love:


Kimberly Sherrod said...

Oh, Man, I love it!! I think it's beautiful and the colors are lovely and the quilting gives it a folk art feeling!! I think she's going to treasure it! Great Job!! Aren't you relieved?!! I wish I was done with all my stuff!!! Happy HoHO!!!

loves2experiment said...

Pooh pooh on it not being one of your best! You should be proud of your handiwork! It's gorgeous, and your niece is gonna love it! I love your quilts. Someday, I might be inspired to make one...and I'll know who to ask for advice :)

FreckleSandwich said...

its wonderful!! i love the colors and the pattern. you are too hard on yourself. lastnight i decided that christmas won this year and im not finishing what i started. and then i comforted myself by planning my valentines projects...if i start now....... lol