Monday, December 18, 2006


I always hate signing quilts when they are done because I really just want them to be gone when they are done. So, I made this applique patch ahead of time. Notice the yellow glow of lamp light, it's called pre-dawn lamp glow, people. Was anyone else sewing at 4:00 am?
The red cross is to symbolize Carolyn's nursing school graduation. It's not my best embroidery work but it is what it is at this point. I always use a pen to write underneath but this time the ink ran all over the place when it got wet....don't ask.... I had to scrub it out and the lettering became a little wonky.
There's more.
I was moving right along with the quilt yesterday and sat at the machine to quilt it and the freakin' thing kept bunching up on the back. I'm pretty sure my seam ripper broke from overuse. I think I hate my machine. I decided to hand quilt this thing with huge straight line stitching, I will call it primitive and charming, it will be lovely. David was my needle threader. He kept 5 needles threaded at all times while watching football, it really saved me lots of time.

stay tuned for updates.


FreckleSandwich said...

your bumble is a needle threader too? wow! i really like it. i think the cross is perfect.

Carol said...

Yeah, he even balls yarn when I ask!
Carolyn is (newley converted) Jewish now.... is a red cross offensive? I mean, it does symbolize medicine in this I right?