Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Love Mail!

I treated myself to a few presents, I could hardly help it! I can't wait to make these for Jacob for his birthday
Spaceboy & Robot
I may have to put some wheels on the robot for mr. cutie boy to be interested in him! UPS just delivered my box of goodies from Barnes And Noble; mostly gifts for other people but I snuck this in for me
The Apron Book
I'm not sure why I needed this but I'll figure it out. Speaking of UPS, these little blankets are for twin sons of my UPS driver.
twin boy blankets
I work so close to home that he happens to have my house and office on his route. He's a super nice guy and is always talking about his 3 year old sons who are crazy about the Cars movie. These blankets are just fleece backed, top stitched and hand tied..... simple!
My niece's quilt is coming along nicely, I think I'll make it!


kim sherrod said...

I know you will have fun making the robot & Spaceboy!!!! I have glue everywhere from making some little cardboard houses! I can't wait to get to the glitter!! Your Cars quilts are cute, fast and easy!!!! May I ask where you got the Cars fabric? My Grandson, Austin loves that movie and has to watch it everyday!! Happy Crafting!! Merry Ho Ho!!!

Carol said...

Hi Kim,
I got the fabric at Walmart, it was fairly inexpensive too. It's so funny that you said Merry Ho Ho....
Around my house we say "Ho Ho Merry" because that's what Gabby used to say when she was a baby at Christmas time.
Go get glitterfied!

Cynthia said...

Your UPS driver is very lucky!!! It looks like you have a lot of projects lined up! I love the apron book, this past summer my mom gave me all of my grandmother's aprons. They're all stitched and embroidered. I'm not sure what to do with them yet, but I love pulling them out and thinking about her.

Kimberly Sherrod said...

Oh, I will have to go see if they have some here. I was going to make a space quilt for him but I bet he'd rather have a Cars one!! He's two, he doesn't care about themes!! I have the apron book and love it!! Have you seen The Mary Janes Farm apron issue of her latest mag?