Saturday, December 23, 2006

mindless rambling ahead...

Hello all. The kids are all sick with coughs, sore throats and sniffles. I have a little stomach bug thing going on, along with a stiff neck...... but I'm still excited about Christmas in two days!
I took my little tree home from work yesterday. Don't you just love how tacky this is??
I love this!
It was a Target Dollar Spot special and it makes me so happy.
Another thing that made me happy yesterday was finding a new quilt shop that I never knew existed. I was dropping something off to a client and stumbled upon it. I picked up these little goodies.
pink fabric therapy
So, today I am cleaning up my sewing table so that I can get all of my craft crap out of my bedroom (I found the nurse buttons Deb!) and guess what I found out? Did you know that if you send $4.00 and 3 Wright's Rick Rack labels to Wright's they will send you a generous bag of scraps??? Can you even believe that this is true?? Click here for the address. OK, I'm off to the mailbox, I'm gonna get me a generous bag of rick rack scraps!
ric-rac news!

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Kimberly Sherrod said...

excellent indeed! I'm gonna have to do that!!! Thanks for the link! I just put a pot roast on and I'm going to be brave and try to straighten up my sewing room!! I just found the singing christmas cards I lost 2 weeks ago under a pile of fabric!!! hahahoho!!