Sunday, December 03, 2006

reality check

Here I am, wallowing in my petty little miseries....... when life's harsh realities smack me in the face. Our school (it's a catholic school) does a great job in teaching the kids about charity and helping those less fortunate. In fact, I think I do a good job teaching my kids the same thing. So, how come I get all wrapped up in my little world of messy rooms, busy schedule and not enough money? While I've been so busy in my little world, my kids have been busy collecting things to fill stockings for the children at The boys and Girls Village. They have given up some of their own new and unopened toys that they haven't gotten around to playing with yet or that were double gifts. They have filled 4 stockings this weekend! Nice job, girls. I added to their efforts by sewing a few tissue covers this morning.
tissue holders for charity
See, it pays to hit the remnant bins and collect some fabrics that aren't your style!
Let's all step back, take a deep breath and stop and think how fortunate we are and possibly do a little something for someone else.


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I think you're doing an excellent job with your girls! Take a deep breath...and relax! :)