Wednesday, December 06, 2006

19 pounds of love

cutie boy Leo
Yep, he's 19 pounds now. It's hard to believe he fit in my hand when we got him. The vet didn't even say anything about it and he gained 3 lbs. since last year! Maybe he was more concerned with his infected tooth that I knew nothing about, apparently that's why he has bad breath.....I thought the bad breath was from eating cat food. *shrugs* I have to bring him to the kittly hospital in 2 weeks to have the tooth out. Poor Leo.
mom's sweater ornament
We've been keeping busy around here but managed to decorate the tree on Sunday. There's something on the calendar every night except Saturday, so hopefully we can put the rest of the decorations up then.
I'll be back with more crafty business soon, have a good week!


loves2experiment said...

I hope Leo feels better soon!!

Samantha said...

He is handsome - we should be getting our rescue kitty soon.

Hope you manage to get his tooth sorted out.

FreckleSandwich said...

awww poor kitty hes so cute!!