Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remnant Bin Therapy

There's no time to make anything with this now but maybe next Christmas.....
renant bin therapy
No crafting news. *sigh*

We went to listen to a guest speaker at school last night; John Reardon, Raising Kids and Having Fun. He was very entertaining and full of a lot of good ideas. He said two things that will keep me laughing for a long time:
If you argue with a child it's like arguing with a drunk.
It takes 10 full days before a child will actually starve.

OK, I've got to go make lunches..... have a good day!

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FreckleSandwich said...

also,the police told me you can take everything away except one set of clothing and a mattress on the floor but you cant tie them up and beat them with anything but your hand. (ha like he thought i may need this information)