Saturday, January 20, 2007

dreaded science fair!

I hate the science fair. There, I said it. It really is no fun for anyone involved. It starts right from chosing a topic. Everything we suggest is "totally stupid, ugh!" and everything they want to do has usually already been chosen. It's painful and I hate it. My daughters do very well in science but something about this fair turns their brains to mush. Then there is the whole building it, charting it, references and the making of the science board- I hate it. Never mind the painfully long evening of the actual fair itself, I hate it. Bah, science fair!
science fair
On the plus side, we get to work with pretty flowers for Gabby's project and at least she has started it. Sammy is doing some gravity/temperature/bouncing thing that she hasn't given a thought to. I think the bumble will have to take this one.
I managed to sew for an hour today!
amy heather butler-bailey blocks
Saturday is half gone already and I need to get some more housework done.
Bye for now.


FreckleSandwich said...

i cant wait to see your new project. housework can wait!

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey now! I was a science teacher and the science fair judge for many years, the science fair is fun, fun, fun!

Carol said...

I wish our science teacher had your enthusiasum Sarah and Jack! OK, no more knocking the science fair, it will be fun, fun, fun......I'll get may take a while :)