Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I saw this at Laurie's blog http://oldschoolacres.typepad.com/ and I'm copying her. Say hello if you're reading this!
I can't get that cool thing to work anymore......the one where you hide a link under a word. Something is screwy.
My New Year's Resolution is going strong. I wrote a letter to a school principal because I caught a basketball player going out of her way to be nice. She unintentionally knocked one of our girls down and sent her flying on her butt across the court and went back to offer a hand to help her back up. It sounds like a case of plain old good manners but it was a really close game and quite intense, you had to be there. Our team ended up winning but I swear I would have wrote the letter regardless.
Time to make school lunches, have a great day.


loves2experiment said...

I'm not delurking, but I figured I should say hi :) Sounds like you're doing good with your New Year's resolutions! Kudos!

Laurie said...

Good morning :-)

Sally said...

Oh no! Everywhere I visit today, people are guilting me into exposing myself!

Hello! :-)

Carol said...

hello everyone.
Nice to meet you Sally!

Sarah and Jack said...

Hello there!