Sunday, January 07, 2007

Way to go Marc!

Check out cousin Marc on ABC World News. He served as an Army Ranger over in Iraq and is now some sort of consultant for the Army. It's so strange to see him on the news because to me he's just a regular guy at our family dinner table. Anyway, we're all proud of him!
Back to the world of crafts now.....a world that is a lot less complicated than trying to learn Arabic.
I finished Jacob's birthday robot
Spaceboy is next.
While I was sewing I saw a squad car stopped in front of the house. The car sat there for a few minutes and when it was driving away I noticed that it was the same car number as the one I witnessed doing a good deed (see previous post). Now I'm nervous. Do you think maybe I got her in trouble? Maybe they aren't supposed to stop traffic to help the people cross the street? Am I paranoid? OK, I already know I'm paranoid but am I in this situation?


FreckleSandwich said...

hmmm,dont be paranoid!i get like that enough for both of us!! its not like she was doing a bad thing. i really love your robot. the hands are fantastic!! its neat seeing your relatives!!

Kimberly Sherrod said...

Maybe they were going to tell you thank you!

floresita said...

Oh how adorable! And lots of respect for your cousin! :)