Sunday, January 07, 2007

resuming normal-ish life

whatever my normal is!
All traces of Christmas are almost back in the attic, almost everyone is healthy, house guests are gone and life feels more normal again.
I bought some new bedding with Christmas money. It's summery but I can't wait that long. Besides- it was 70 degrees in Connecticut yesterday. I wonder if we'll ever have winter.
Leo likes the new bedding
I even started Jacob's birthday present last night, he'll be 4 in March, I'm good!
I'm making him spaceboy and robot from weewonderfuls. I have the robot all stitched and stuffed but I'm not loving the fabric choices that Julia insisted on. I think I'll give her this one.
New Year's Resolution update:
I wrote my first good news letter last week. It was to our police chief to commend a female officer who stopped 2 lanes of traffic to help a man in a wheelchair cross the street. It was a tough spot and he was having trouble, she got out of the car and helped him up on the curb, turned him in the right direction and waved him goodbye. It was really very touching and he was so appreciative.

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Kimberly Sherrod said...

Your Robot looks adorable and I am thinking about making a ray gun for mine- I keep thinking about a donut like circle around the robots top thingie too. I liked your control panel!!
Your sheets are lovely and they match the cat nicely! It was 80 here today! some winter!