Saturday, February 10, 2007

fresh off the hoop

I needed a little mindless project while I think about my next quilt.
cupcake 001
I think I like the idea of cupcakes more than I like cupcakes, they are just so cute.
I really love to do embroidery work, it's so calming, portable and interruption friendly.
I'm going to spend a few hours cleaning and then I'm going to think about what the next project will be.
Have a nice day!


Rona's Home Page said...

I love your cupcake towel. Makes a great Valentine's Day gift idea.

Thanks, I really did enjoy my blog visit.

calamity kim said...

I love the cupcake embroidery and that fabric beneath it too! that would be a cute dress towel together! I am cleaning today too then I think I am going to try to finish a quilt I started last year after a class at one of the quilt shops. I put it up on a flannel sheet and then pinned it! I need to get it out and finish it after seeing how lovely yours turned out!! Have fun today!

Laurie said...


Sally said...

I love how the cake is solid embroidery and not just an outline. Waffle weave fabric is also very nice!

Carol said...

Thanks everyone.
It's nice to meet you Rona!

loves2experiment said...

Oooh. Cupcakes! I love it :)