Friday, February 23, 2007

week in review

This week we celebrated the Bumble's birthday. Sammy baked these brownies for him while I was at work.

Happy Birthday Dear Bumble

Happy birthday sweetie, I love you! (so does Leo)


David (my Bumble) played Mr. Mom this week while the kids had off from school. He is an awesome wife and mom, let me tell you! The house is clean and the stress level is waaaaay down without me at the helm. Seriously though, we have both been stressing out about his pending strike and negotiations keep going on and on. So, we wait. Keep your fingers crossed, please.

I even read a book this week! I hve been wanting to read this forever now. What a great book.Next on the sewing table is a quilt featuring these fabric squares:
How was your week?

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qusic said...

This week was very relaxing, hubby and I , on an island, at the sea,without kids, no to do list,no telephone calls,sleep ,walk ,read, knit...........
longing for my kids and cats now, will leave for home in the afternoon, many ideas to sew:-)