Friday, March 30, 2007


I've been bitten by the doll quilt bug. Everyone in blogland has been making gorgeous doll quilts and I have tried to resist, I REALLY HAVE. My pre-cut 2" fabric squares keep calling to me from my craft room and last night I couldn't take it any more.
doll quilt 001

I have no business starting any new projects but when the doll quilt calls you must answer.

I found this random bit of fun while blog surfing:
Go ahead, try one for yourself
Something else that's fun and new if you love embroidery:
Some of the cool flickr girls started an embroidery blog, go check it out!


calamity kim said...

Excellent! Thanks for the awesome links! I made a list...I love your little quiltie! I am doing 3" squares...

IamSusie said...

Thanks for the link! There's one of my birds (embroidered straight from a pattern) on the Flickr embroidery group mosaic. Flickr is so much fun, as are doll quilts! Those are the kinds of quilts that actually get finished in my house.

Lisa K. said...

Ooh, very pretty colors in the baby quilt! You're so right about the doll quilt epidemic. I've decided to give in to the mania, and I'm hosting a doll quilt swap on my blog :o)

Niki said...

I just love quilting, especially these little doll quilts. Lovin' them. Gonna have to make me a few!
Niki's Ventures Blog

disa said...

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