Friday, March 30, 2007

Welcome Home Soldier!

A while back I mentioned that our school had adopted a soldier, US Marine to be specific. The kids put on a wonderful assembly to send him off, tied a yellow ribbon in front of the school, sent cards and gifts and waited for his return.
Well, today he came to school along with his family and cut down that yellow ribbon. The kids put on another great assembly welcoming him back home. It was extremely touching and I was NOT the only person there that was crying.
Welcome home Matthew!
Here's the ribbon
welcome home!
the stage all set up before the assembly
welcome home!
getting ready
welcome home!
cutting the ribbon
welcome home!
welcome home!
welcome home!


vintagechica said...

OK, darn it! Now I am in tears. As a wife of an active duty soldier...thank you for posting this. Welcome home Matthew...job well done.

Carol said...

Your welcome vintagechica! I'll pray for your husband's fast and safe return home.