Sunday, April 01, 2007

The reason my house is never clean

Well, part of the reason anyway is that I have to do stuff like this:
Easter Egg Hunt towel
Our friends host an annual Easter Egg hunt carried on from when his dad did it. It's a huge event and a lot of fun. Typically I make something for their daughters and give my bff Marcella a little something (we are dishtowel-exchanging geeks). This year I was short on time so I decorated clay pots and filled them with pansies for the girls and was ready to slap some rick-rack on a dish towel and call it a day. I'm not sure how I talk myself into these things but with 2 hours to spare I decided I should embroider a towel because Chuck would appreciate the sentiment (he's not a dishtowel-geek mind you). So, there I am...... no make up on, sweats, kitchen floor strewn with bags from WalMart, beds not made, dishwasher not emptied, something sticky on the floor not sure what it is...... embroidering a towel. Anyway, it was very much appreciated and I suppose I can clean my house today after church. We had a beautiful day on the beach, the sun was out the temps were in the 60's, I have a flickr set here:
Happy Palm Sunday to those of you celebrating and everyone have a great day!


loves2experiment said...

Happy Palm Sunday to you! I love the colours for the towel. It's perfect for Spring, and it's not too pastel-y (is that even a word??).

Alison said...

I don't clean house much either. Too much sewing to do.