Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday at last!

Whew! This one took a long time to get here. Speaking of a long time to get here......
Back in December I sent $4.00 to Wrights and they promised to send me a bag-o-scraps in 6-8 weeks. Better late than never. I must say, they were very generous. There is at least 20, 1 yard pieces of assorted trim. I am a tad disappointed with the lack of rick-rack. You all know how I loves me some rick-rack! I got one lonely piece of dark pink chenille and that's it :( I know who could use all the other fancy, lacy trims...... Calamity Kim, that's who! Kim, I'll email you.
There was more excitement in the mailbox:
The SS Tea Towel Tour
I was lucky enough to get in on the first official Sublime Stitching Tea Towel Tour
We are field testing a towel for the fabulous Jenny Hart. We get to do whatever we would like to it and log our comments and pass it on to the next tester. To make it even sweeter.... we get to pick a free pattern!! I would have done this for nothing. I'll post my addition to the towel tomorrow.
On to health related news:
My blood work came back perfect. I am in good health as far as my regular doctor can tell. His best guess is that the neurologist will say that I have some (insert medical term that I can't remember)-migraine. He says that sometimes you can have migraines without the headache. *shrugs* We'll see what the new doctor says on Monday. No worries!


floresita said...

I think I know what he said: "ocular migraine?" If so, my sister had the same symptoms - they put her on a strict no-caffeine, no chocolate diet and it actually helped! Hope you feel better, Carol! :)

Carol said...

Ya know Flor? I think that is one of the things he said. I have been off caffeine and sugar for a few months but I did have a medium dunkin donuts coffee that morning.... first one in a looooong time. Hmmmmmmmm, it makes sense. I don't always have a headache during these episodes, does your sister?
Thanks for the info Flor.

calamity kim said...

Death by coffee and donuts...doesn't that just suck.

moving on to better things- I love that Sublime stitching thing you are doing! Very cool! I thought you did the rocket too? I should be more patient and read next time before I put comments on pictures at Flickr.
ps. keep a strict diet journal and you will see a corillation between how you feel and what you eat. Our bodies are machines that use chemicals to run and the digestive system breaks down the foods into chemical compounds- My sister didn't believe that the vast amounts of coke she drank was affecting her till she started fainting and having dizzy spells from the almost diabetes that she was giving herself...I worked at an allergy office and people just don't believe that what they eat or drink affects them...I hope you get to the cause of it...maybe a Fla vacation would help...?...teehee :)

floresita said...

No, she doesn't have headaches, but she does get a weird sort of tunnel-vision feeling (scary if you're driving) and sometimes a weird "shimmer" on her vision.

Oddly, I've always had a really strong reaction to caffeine - I stopped drinking it after I had panic attacks in high school - I never have more than a half a cup a day. So, it must run in the family, eh?