Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday already!

Back to the work week, wah! I like my job but I like being home even more, too bad the home thing doesn't pay.
Gabby started this cute towel a few months ago and lost interest so I decided to finish it for her. She is a real crafty kid, everything comes easy to her and she only needs to be shown one time. I have been amazed by her talent for years now, be it knitting, beading, drawing, crochet, sewing, clay, you name it and she can master it. I hope she will find a way to earn a living by creating things when she grows up. Sammy is the anti-crafter and shuns all things handmade and Julia is more like Gabby and is quite talented with embroidery.
I am seeing the neurologist this afternoon and hopefully will have some answers soon. Naturally, I am feeling pretty good today.
Have a pleasant day...... even if it is Monday!

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Old School Acres said...

I love that embroidery pattern and the handwork is nice!!

Good luck today at the neurologist, Carol!