Friday, March 16, 2007

fun with scraps

snow 003
We are in the midst of a big Nor'Easter here in CT. It's the most winter we've had all winter. I'm having a quiet day of cleaning and laundry and of course a little crafting. Everytime I clean up my sewing table I get the itch to sew something. Today the itch turned into lavender sachets.
fun with scraps fun with scraps
Kid news:
Sammy's team won their championship basketball game last night. It was an awesome game, my heart was still pounding at midnight. Yay girls! #1!
Strike news:
Sorry I forgot to, In case anyone was wondering, there will be no strike. They settled on Sunday. Yay Bumble!

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Old School Acres said...

Yay Sammy!!!

Pretty sachets, especially piled up like that and tied so nicely.