Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crafty day foiled by the little people

I had visions of staying in pajamas and sewing all day today. The kids would be happy playing that Dance Dance Revolution Play Station game all day (hey, it's exercise people!) and we would all be happy.
*enter reality*
There is softball practice today and an 8 year old "ultimate sports" party that I somehow pushed out of my mind.
I managed to make this before life sunk in too far today. I love this Michael Miller retro print!
funky retro mitt set 019
funky retro mitt set 017
some matching magnets
funky retro mitt set - magnets
OH! I almost forgot!
Look who got her ears pierced yesterday!
finally pierced!
Poor Julia was always sick as a baby and I never had her ears pierced like her sister's did and she was always too afraid when she got bigger..... until yesterday! It was all her idea. She was very brave and hardly flinched. Yay Julia!


Violet & Rose said...

I've just wandered over from sew mama sew and wanted to say that I liked your talk of the "Quilt Police". We have them here in Australia too. They must be a special international force! And your attitude to quilting is fantastic. I love it. All of your sewing looks lovely too.

Anonymous said...

Love those days in your jimmy jams, until someone comes to the door. Love the pot mit. Love the colours and the cloth/fabric underneath it. Looks great.
Congratulation Julia, your earings look great....Hope you have troublefree healing.

Carol said...

Thank you both for your kind comments. I just took a quick peek at both of your blogs..... I'll be back!