Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What is my problem???

I make school and work lunches everyday, usually around 3-5 sandwiches a day... that's a lot of sandwich bags, right? This is what a sandwich bag box looks like:
problem 003
So, how come every month when I am running out of sandwich bags I go to the store, look on the shelf, scan over gallons, quarts, snacks........ aha.... sandwich.... grab 'em throw 'em in the cart, put them in the pantry and then they turn into
problem 002
No one needs 350 snack bags, no one! I have a severe problem with my brain. I am so aware of my snack bag problem that I can't understand why I keep doing this. Maybe I should talk to my neurologist about this...... OK...... maybe not, so far he doesn't think I'm crazy.
Yesterday was a good day. I love being home. I made this little crayon roll and tote to go along with my "let's party" quilt.
let's party crayon roll 006
let's party! kiddie tote- side a
I put everything in an Etsy shop. If they sell, I'll be happy, if not they will be gifts for someone's baby.
I was also thrilled to see that I was the flickr group feature over at Sew Mama Sew It's so exciting. You should visit the blog and the store, lots of good stuff there.
I am off to work today, I promise more craftiness on Thursday and Friday!


vintagechica said...

Oh, it is wonderful!!! And I have thought a lot about the sandwich bag issue as well. I use them all the time and have been thinking of a more "green" solution. We have been using aluminum foil for my boys sandwiches and then I draw a little robot or write a message with a sharpie on the top.

They seem to like it. Great job on the looks so soft.

Carol said...

The foil is a cute idea for the little ones. I was wrapping the sandwiches up old-school with wax paper on the days that I had no bags but the girls complained that the bread got stale.

calamitykim said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Google will allow me to comment....I love your new bag and quilt! Excellent! The whole snack bag thing sounds suspiciously like a menopause symptom to me....forgetting and then not remembering...I can go to the grocery store for ONE thing I need and then come home with 5 bags and that ONE thing isn't in any of them....Like garbage bags or toliet paper...the thing that makes you go back to the store to ain't easy living with this....

calamitykim said...

oh, my goodness, it let me comment!!!!!Yeah!!!!!!

calamitykim said...

wow! That was so easy!!!
I feel free!