Friday, April 06, 2007

It pays to clean up!

My sister gave me a bag of fabric from her mother-in-law's house when they were moving her, and I never looked at it........ for months. I never knew Helen was a crafty woman because if I did, I would have tore into that sucker long ago! Would you look at this!

vintage placemat
(Deb, did you even know these were in the bag?) I am definitely going to finish them, although I am totally intimidated by Helen's tiny handstitching.
vintage placemat
placemat back

You all know how I likes me some big chunky hand stitches! There are four placemats; one is complete and the other three are nearly done.
unfinished placemats
I may even give them to my sister who has an abnormal affection for placemats. She really does! When I visited her new house she had a stack over 2 feet high in her cabinet, and I've heard that she changes them for each meal. Hey, there are worse things. I can't even find 5 matching placemats in my house to save my life, so who am I to judge? Here are some more of what was in the bag:
I think it was going to be a pillow
vintage gifts

Look at what one of my sweet grandpa friends from the school yard gave me yesterday
pussy willows
pussy willows

They are a bit wild but I'll tame them into a manageable bunch for the Easter table. I love pussy willows!

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