Saturday, April 07, 2007

Been shopping?

No, been shopping.

Any Monty Python fans out there?

Um, OK then let's talk about fabric and my lack of self control. I bought these lovelies from Alison at
Lotus from Amy Butler:
and some cute birds and bees:
04 fabric therapy 003
All the rest of the damage came from a trip to JoAnn's yesterday
04 fabric therapy 006 04 fabric therapy 007 04 fabric therapy 005 04 fabric therapy 004
We've been busy around the house today; cleaning, baking, decorating and dealing with a migraine (ugh!)
Julia and Gabby's centerpiece
Easter decorating 005
Easter decorating 004
Time to frost the carrot cake. have a Happy Easter Everyone!


qusic said...

Happy Easter to you and your family !
Your deco is splendid!

Old School Acres said...

You are a big tease!!


Happy Easter, Carol.

Su Bee said...

Hee hee -- Nope: been shopping. You had a great day shopping, what a nice haul! Your Easter decs are so cute, and your dolly quilt adorable!

loves2experiment said...

Lovely fabric acquisitions! I need some fabric and retail therapy...soon!!!