Friday, April 13, 2007


This was last night's project, it still needs to be quilted or tied.
weeeeeeeeee! quilt
weeeeeeeeee! quilt
I have been trying to figure out a way to use all of these novelty fabrics that I love too much. I tried incorporating them with different cuddley soft fabrics
weeeeeeeeee! quilt
and just a touch of my beloved rick-rack
weeeeeeeeee! quilt

I would really love to sell this type of thing. What do you think?


Old School Acres said...

It's gorgeous, Carol!! Oh how I wish I had a baby to wrap in it!!!

Lauri said...

Of course! I'd buy it and I don't even have a baby!

loves2experiment said...

It's lovely! They would fly off the shelf!

Fiona said...

Love the quilt. I was just looking at the fabric that's in the middle on Ebay. Love it. I'm sure they would sell but no people what to pay what they are really worth??
It it beautiful xx

Dinah said...

Absolutely beautiful! And yes...they will sell as fast as you make them.

Dannielle said...

Oh gosh! That quilt is DELICIOUS! I love the added yummy-scrummy fabrics.